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Grade 9 - 2nd Term Past Papers - English (printed)

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Grade 9 - 2nd Term Past Papers - English 

Get printed past papers delivered home.

The core subjects are included as compulsory. The other subjects are optional which you can select. The price for each additional subject will be displayed.The Papers are from selected provincial term test papers

මූලික විෂයයන් අනිවාර්ය ලෙස ඇතුළත් කර ඇත. අනෙක් විෂයයන් ඔබට අවශ්‍ය ලෙස තෝරා ගත හැකිය . එක් එක් අතිරේක විෂය සඳහා මිල දර්ශනය වේ.එක් එක් විෂයකට අලුත් ම ප්‍රශ්ණ පත්‍ර 3-4ක් දක්වා එක් කර ඇත .මෙහි ප්‍රධාන වශයෙන් ඇත්තේ පළාත් වාර විභාග ප්‍රශ්න පත්‍රයි


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Grade 9 - 2nd Term Past Papers - English (printed)

The Below indicates the total list of pastpapers in our database. The Delivery papers pack has three to four pastpapers for each subject .

civiceducation-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
civiceducation grade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 20181
civicsgrade9minuwangodazone2ndterm 2018

English-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
EnglishGrade 9North western province(2 nd term)2019
englishlanguage-thirukkovileducationalzone-2ndterm2017 11

Geography-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
Geography(E)Grade 9Sri Jayawardenapura Zone(2 nd term)2018
geography grade9northwesternprovince2ndterm 20181
GeographyGrade 9North western province(2 nd term)2019
geographygrade9minuwangodazone2ndterm 2018

Health and PE-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
Health and PE Grade 9North western province(2 nd term)2019
Health(E)Grade 9Sri Jayawardenapura Zone(2nd term)2018
healthandpe grade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018

Information and communication technology Grade 9North western province(2 nd term)2019

mathematics-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
mathematics grade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018
MathematicsGrade 9North western province(2 nd term)2019

Science-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
Science Grade 11Western province3rd term(S) 2019
science grade9northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018
Science2nd termSouthern province2019with answers
Science2nd termwestern province2019
ScienceGrade 9North western province(2 nd term)2019

secondlanguagetamil-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
secondlanguagetamilgrade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018
tamillanguageliterature grade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018

sinhala-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
SinhalaGrade 9Vishaka Vidyalaya(2 nd term)2018
SinhalaGrade 9Western Province(2 nd term)2018
sinhala grade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018

art-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
art grade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018
ArtGrade 9Kaluthara Zone(2 nd term)2018
Arts Grade 9 North western province(2 nd term)2018
ArtsGrade 9North western province(2 nd term)2019

Buddhism-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
Buddhism Grade 9 North western province(2nd term)2018
Buddhism Grade 5 kuliyapitiya Education Division(2 nd term)2018
BuddhismGrade 9North western province(2 nd term)2019
BuddhisumGrade 9Vishaka Vidyalaya(2 nd term)2018
BuddhisumGrade 9Western Province(2 nd term)2018

catholic-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
Catholicism grade 9 North western province(2 nd term)2018
CatholicismGrade 9North western province(2 nd term)2019

Chiristhian-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
ChiristhianGrade 9Western Province(2 nd term)2018
christianity grade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018
ChristianityGrade 9 North western province(2 nd term)2019

dancing-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
DanceingGrade 9Mathugama Zone(2 nd term2018
danceinggrade9minuwangodazone2ndterm 2018
dancing grade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018
dancing grade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 20181
DancingGrade 9North western province(2 nd term)2019
dancinggrade9northwesternprovince2ndterm 2016
dancinggrade9northwesternprovince2ndterm 2017

Drama and theatre-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
Drama and theatreGrade 9North western province(2 nd term)2019
dramaandtheatre grade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018
dramaandtheatre grade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018 1
DramaGrade 9Mathugama Zone(2 nd term)2018
dramagrade9minuwangodazone2ndterm 2018

islam-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
islam grade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018
IslamGrade 9North western province(2 nd term)2019
IslamGrade 9Western Province(2 nd term)2018

Oriental music-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
music grade9northwesternprovince2ndterm 20181
music grade9northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018
Oriental musicGrade 9North western province(2 nd term)2019

saivanery grade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018

Islam grade9 northwesternprovince.2ndterm 2018pdf

western music-grade 9 2nd term pastpapers
western musicGrade 9North western province(2 nd term)2019
westernmusic grade9 northwesternprovince2ndterm 2018

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